Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ShenZhen - Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Just saw the name "Fairy Lake Botanical Garden" I already fall in love~~

Actually, compared to Knight Valley I really reallllllllllllly enjoy this place!!! I highly recommended to everyone wanna visit when come to ShenZhen.

I only know a little about the history that , there a fairy come to earth and swim at lake. Some kind of legend story. Well, since I cant read Chinese it was very hard for me to learn more about the legend.

Entrance fee is RMB $ 20 person. eheheh I`m so looking forward to explore this place! :D

By the way, I believe some of you think I`m a shopaholic as I mentioned earlier my "mission" come to ShenZhen is Shopping!

Well,.......your guys are WRONG! Besides shopping, I actually love watch scenery and of course take some random photographs.

It would be lovely to see some trees, flowers, plants and breath some fresh air to clear your mind especially living and working at city for sure gonna sick of it.

Also, really need to bring mom go for "exercise" . I found it once people get old most of them forgot how to enjoy life and look after health instead worried too much about our young generation.

okay, this place to see some garden with a lot lot butterfly.

ohhh you little cutie, plz stay still while I`m taking photo of u! you gonna be famous! ~*cough*cough*cough*~

Okay, Hong Fa Temple

For your information, I`m Buddhist ehheh as for Ray & Mommy are Christian.

So, they waited outside the temple while I have a quick tour around the temple and had some pray for blessing since I`m fly all the way from Australia to Malaysia and to this places, it would be a waste opportunity if I don't.

Outside, the temple there some flowers available for sale and provided joss stick for offering and of course you can donated some money for good causes. ;D

Finally I`m on the top!. There a lot Buddhist halls and had my pray.

You know what????? since I moved to Australia, I actually forgot how to pray, so I have to holding joss stick and obsessed what other ppl do LOL and just followed them.

Of course photography is prohibited.

I have to "curi-curi" act fast to snapped.

In there some more halls with difference gods or guardians.

It sure does remind me my childhood when I still used to followed my parents go to temple every weekend.

Okay,.....MOM~ if you read this blog, I wanna let you know, although I`m adult now and you always said I had changed into difference person, there some part in my heart still remain the "same". :)

Front view from temple. That is "China" map.

Okay, thing I love about this places, there always a mini- shuttle bus available for you to travel places to places.

So, you can choice to walk or get on bus to reach next destinations.

You know what?? it was fun on mini- shuttle bus because you can enjoy the scenery and the wind blow over you.

Well, some routes a like "snake" just like Australia`s Victoria - Great Ocean Roads"

Btw, I also sooooooo amazed with some people especially grandpa/grandma who ACTUALLY can walk all the way to top mountain and other destinations.

This places you could see a lot plants especially "Bonsai" and a lot lot turtles.

It was so quiet and sooooooooo peaceful. We actually spent sometime here for resting and enjoy the air and you could heard some insects "singing" LOLOL.

I really love this place.

Can you see Ray? ehehehh while I`m enjoy myself taking some "bonsai" photos.

My father-in laws definitely love to have all this bonsai.

Okay, I`m not gonna upload all bonsai pictures which I believe you guys wont be interested.

Hehehehhe,..mommy tired liew~~

next I`m gonna show you the cutest creature in this place!




















aww,....I could called "Lovely-dovely Turtle" swims side by side. Must be couple LOLOL

Although most are small but I found one is freaking huge turtle.

I saw a lot coins under the fountains.

The following is my favorite photo!!!

aww, adorable some babies & mommy turtle. I cant believe my small camera could took such good photo.

aww! love u Canon!!!

Now, I really wish buy a DSLR camera now!!! to capture nice shots! T_T. Okay,..gonna save $$$$ from now on!

These are not some bunch of "botak" trees or cut half-way.

It is Petrified Wood a.k.a wood turn into stone a. k. a Wood fossil

How`s cool is that!!!! our mother-nature.

This picture above it show how old the wood,..I think million years or what. I cant remember what Ray told before. So, I just took the picture for those can read Chinese.

You also can touch it. How amazing just looking at the color. Just like color of stone.

I felt the woods it was damn hard.

how`s shining~~till you can see the reflection. There also available rest place which they using Petrified Wood making into chair & tables.

Also, from what I heard. this place is the largest collection of petrified woods in world or China.

Next, we went to Museum to see more fossil and you need to pay entry fees RMB$50 person.

Dinosaur - it was so hard to took the whole picture.

more dinosaur -tulang-tulang LOLOL

So, many different kind shape of dinasour eggs.

Someone loves to be eaten~~~

In the pictures it seem look small but it actual size it was freaking big like computer o.O'.

Next is LUNCH TIME!!.....after visited so many places of course we all starving.

So, we took mini-shuttle bus back to temple because there a vegetarian restaurant which just next to temple.

Makan time!!! cant wait for it.

heheh just look at picture, you guys can till how hungry we are.

Againnnnnnnn,..I`m having trouble read menu bcoz -Chinese. T_T. But, no problem because I can always ask the waitress for recommendation dishes ehehehh.

Btw, I still can speak Chinese fluently ( Malaysian-Chinese version) hahahah.

Must try this one!!! err forgot the name. Something like "Chicken wrapped Paper" and deep fried.

I know I know,.."chicken" word but is true they called it "chicken something" because it just taste like chicken meat.

and it was sooooooooo oily. Never mind since we sweat like a pig after visited so many places.

It was made many thin layer of tofu skin. This dish was made with highly skills chef.

Overall, we really enjoy our meals and the customer service is way BETTER then city ShenZhen, the staffs are friendly and helpful and smoke-free zone! YAAAAAA.

Finally, found I felt be served like a customer.

After finish our lunch we continues our next destination - The Lake!

Some zodiac statues.

To be honestly, we actually skipped a lot places because don't really have much time and our mommy is getting tired.

For example,

Some place like this...

Obviously it was really far.

Same as this pagoda which I have to Zoom my camera to capture it.

Now,..I really really wish have better camera!!!!

Another restaurant which near Fairy Lake.

Fairy Bridge, which I also need to Zoom really far to capture it.

The following is map of Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. If you interested you always can google for more information about.

We really enjoy this places and wish more time to explore all the places.

I think during the spring or autumn session it would be great for walk at Fairy Lake compare summer. As for winter it might be too cold for that and this place suitable for old people and family with kids have some quality time.

Also, you can bring some Chinese chess/games board and some for foods for picnic. Of course, enjoy cup of chinese tea while sitting on lake side. How`s lovely is that.


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Roger Gauthier said...

Beautiful photos. Was wondering if I could use on of them in my blog at and point to your site because the story I am telling looks great with your picture of the garden. LMK. Thanks. Roger