Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ShenZhen - Knight Valley

Second day, we went on day tour. It is a theme park and just recently opened. To be honest, I really have not idea where we going and I also never heard this place before even done research on internet.

I guess probably from the beginning I wasn't interested going to theme park so don`t bother do research on that part. My main mission is SHOPPING!!! ahahah

The picture in brochure is way over outrages! with a boat on waterfall --____---'

Map. okok I have not idea what is say, coz I cant read F#$king chinese!!! >.<' We wasn't have pleasure time when we on our way to the location. I will explained later to you guys.

The theme park really big and we couldnt finish visit all the places because it was tooooo HOT!!! and got a lot mosquito kept bite ME!!!!!

If I know this is the place we going, I would more prepared on myself and would bring hat, sunglasses andddddddddddddddd swimwear!!!!!

sigh,...what a waste since we already paid everything and we cant swim or play water games part.

At least I did bring my sunblock, heaps of water and umbrella.

okay,...quite nice view. Obviously, the waterfall is fake.

Now,......you know why I`m keep saying it was so hot weather just by looking my skin-tone color (dark-red!!!) I tell you,.. "bai tahan" sighhh~~~

I was so sad coz we didnt go to Tea Stream Valley.... T_T what a waste! coz it was damn far and dont expect 3 of us walk a few hour under the sun!!! to reach there.

Seriously, why they can organize a mini bus for travel place to place. How about old people or those with kids parents to travel??

With my mommy ;D but failed bad photo with eye cant open wide!

Oh gosh! I need sunglasses or hat!!!!!

After the main entrance - waterfall, you will reach sea field village. Once you walk in till end you will see the following

an amazing video root!

Basically, you will see yourself on the root with their hide camera LOL.

okay,...Ray (carry bag) & mom"ba tahan" liew to quickly reach under root to avoid sun! while I`m taking this photo for my blog entries sake!

can you see me now???????? hhahahh and at the end I finally found where the hide camera and quickly asked ray stand at corner to help me took photo of our self.

I was like ;

"Mom! mom, look at that camera and smile "

and I give ray sign quickly took the photo. hahahah

ahhahah everyone will see me & my mom with "peace" sign LOLOL

A lot cafes and they make it look like foreign country but.......they opened really late and some of them dont even bother to open WTF!

Is was 12-1pm something we were really starving and the Pizza Hut still havent open. Well, there also got KFC and buffet restaurant available. But, our mommy only wanna to eat at Pizza Hut so we end up have to waited and while waiting we take more photos.

I dont really enjoy this place because EVERYTHING in Chinese word which I cant read. So, dont ask me what I have learn from Hydro Generating Cabin.

Nothing interesting just a few picture of space things and some China people go to moon history and souvenir kiosk.

Some space pictures.

fake space ship. I bet kids will love this.

okay some lame picture of Ray. How childish!.

okokok it was my idea! I forced Ray to took the picture of both of us.

Well, there a lot places we visited but I didnt took much picture because I think I`m getting heat stroke and suffer from mosquito bite which they ONLY bite ME!!!! T_T

Seriously, we not even managed walk half of it, I means couldnt finish all places bcoz

1) My mom not feeling well

2) We need regroup @ 5.45pm at Main Entrance with everyone.

3) We wanna grab front sit at bus bcoz "1st come-1st serve" which there one think I really angry about tour organizer!

I also bought a lot souvenir from my colleagues. Usually, everything I travel from places to places, I will bought little souvenir for my colleagues because I do really missed & love them so much, otherwise they wont working very hard,... ~*cough~cough~cough*~ and of course some for my family members at Malaysia.

With Mommy

With Ray :D

View from Waterfall...... How`s beautiful is it?? It would be lovely to see sunset~~~

Now.................I`m going to talk about why this day tour wasn't pleasure for us!!!

1) Everything is Chinese words, even the schedule for shows also in Chinese! okokok,...at least Ray & mommy can understand. But, think again when come to travel I`m the one planned everything and done some research.

okay,...as you can see the above it seem a lot shows but most of them are LIE!!!!!!!!!!


We were queued for the shows, and about the time, they told us the Shows was CANCELED!!! and asked as wait for next one.

Again we queue and waited for next session and this time they told us " CANCELED" come back tomorrow. WTF!!!! #%$#%^$^%$&^%&%!!!! TOMORROW???????

Do you have any idea how angry I am at that time. We paid for everything and a lot of shows canceled just because dont have enough number of tourists.

2) A lot of places still under construction and renovation in progress. By the way, if see their website with some picture of a lot beautiful landscape flowers,..some flowers are F.A.K.E -___-' hmmm,.. nice try~~with plastic flowers LOLOLOL

and very very highly photoshopped.

What a LIAR!! wanna cheat us money.

3) DONT Trust this travel agency as above!!!! DONT Trust them!





Because they are not just late to pick us and we also dont have proper seat on bus!!!!

Look at that!!!!

We paid RMB 594 for day tour and get this VIP seat! and worst need to STAND whole time on the bus.

Thanks god ! we didnt get to this VIP -__-'

What happened to us, we were so angry face to tour guide because ;

1) At office the guys told us difference place for pick up, thanks god we grab tour guide mobile number and it was this other places. We nearly waste our $$RMB594 tickets

2) 30 min late

3) we already booked and how come!!!! not enough seat and I end up have to share 2 SEAT with a fat kid and lady sit together. At first the kid wasn't willing and started crying and everyone just looked at us while Ray & mommy have to sit separately.

I was like really piss off and I rather to stand if the kid continue stubborn and at the end his mom so angry and slap him 0.O' finally let me to sit down. -__-'

4) Paid RMB 594 ( Rm 290+)!!! for bad services! All they do is bring you there and give you entry ticket and meet up @ 5.45pm when about time to leaves. -__-'

Again,.....if you are foreigner or cant read Chinese this is not a place for you to have fun. I rather you guys just go to Hongkong`s Disneyland lahhh~~~

It will be very hard to attract foreign tourist to come this places. No wonder I cant see any angmoh. ;S

okay next destination a bit better. I will keep update sometime this week.



@lice said...

That's the reason why I boycott going China (basically shenzhen) now, too much cheating and evil ppl! I heard HK ppl was rude too, gosh, I totally gave up the idea of visiting them.

Laura Hii said...

Alice: It is TRUE! ppl are rude, services is bad even for some 4-stars hotel -_-'.

Even cross the road can be so dangerous which I will blog more.

Hk & shenzhen pretty much the same. People try to rip off u all the time and sometime shopping at ShenZhen even more expensive compare HK. -__-'

This is what I heard from taxi driver.

Laura Hii said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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